MUSIQ Innovation Newsletter 5: Ultrafast Optics in Microscopy: Recent Advances

The fifth and final MUSIQ innovation newsletter has just been published and is available for you to read online. The topic of this newsletter is Ultrafast Optics in Microscopy: Recent Advances. Thank you to our three ESRs, MartinEleanor and Saurabh, for writing the newsletter.

Section n. 1
3D Imaging with Femtosecond Pulses
Combining 3D Imaging with Ultrafast Optics

The 3D imaging technique of Optical Diffraction Tomography is intrinsically ill-suited for ultrafast laser pulses. However, it could be realized using standard optical equipment with femtosecond pulses. This opens up new possibilities in cell-imaging and ultrafast material studies.  Read more

Section n. 2
From 3D to Polarisation to Single Nanoparticle Microscopy
Probing Biological Molecular Organization with Polarized Light Microscopy

Using light’s polarization can help illuminate the organization of biological molecules without perturbing the sample itself. Thus, polarization microscopy adds a new dimension to light microscopy for better understanding of biomedical questions. Read more

Section n. 3
Spectroscopy in wide field imaging
Imaging for spectroscopy

In this section we introduce the concept of Fourier transform spectroscopy (FTS). The technique is fast compared to point scaning of single nanoparticles. This section explains how which just recorded image set one can retire the spectral information of nanoparticles and molecules. Read more