ESR10: Andrea Pruccoli

Host: University of Konstanz, Chemistry Department, Germany

Coherent nonlinear Raman microscopy of the kinetics of DNA synthesis and ribosomal assembly in living cells

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andreas Zumbusch

MUSIQ Research

My goal is to do non-linear Raman microscopy of biomolecules with high sensitivity. to this end, I will develop an experimental setup suited for CARS and SRS imaging studies with electronic pre-resonance enhancement. I will use it to monitor endogenous chromophores in living cells with the specific aim of studying the kinetics of DNA synthesis and ribosomal assembly.

Scientific Background

In 2016 I received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna and in 2018 a Master’s Degree from the Erasmus Mundus Master, Advance Spectroscopy in Chemistry from both the University of Lille and the University of Helsinki. My Bachelor’s degree thesis is about molecular dynamic simulation of nanometric droplets with the aim of developing an algorithm for the determination of the surface tension of the simulated systems. During my Master I took multiple classes about spectroscopic techniques with the focus on biological samples. I wrote my thesis about the passive sampling technique of chemical warfare agents, after an internship in VERIFIN, the Finnish Institute for the Verification of the Chemical Weapon Convention.

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