ESR2: Vikramdeep Singh

Host: Cardiff University, School of Physics and Astronomy, United Kingdom

2D FWM cryo-microspectroscopy of individual colloidal quantum dots, fluorophores, and biomolecules

Supervisor: Prof. Wolfgang Langbein

MUSIQ Research

Vikramdeep will be demonstrating the two-dimensional four-wave mixing cryo-microspectroscopy on individual colloidal quantum dots, fluorophores, and biomolecules (including model light-harvesting systems). Further, building on the 2D FWM setup featuring heterodyne spectral interferometry available at Cardiff, which has been developed for experiments on epitaxial quantum dots and photonic cavity structures for applications in quantum information processing, this project will explore the applicability of this advanced setup to biologically relevant single quantum systems.

Scientific Background

Vikramdeep holds a bachelor and master’s degree in physics from Guru Nanak Dev University, India. Later in 2018, he moved to France for one-year master program (MONABIPHOT) at École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay (ENS Paris-Saclay). During this master program he took courses in non-linear optics and photonics and extended his interests and knowledge. He developed his thesis project at Laboratoire de photonique quantique et moléculaire (UMR 8537), Centrale Supélec, France on radiation pressure measurements with polymer photonic crystals.

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