ESR4: Martin Hörmann

Host: Politecnico di Milano, Physics Department, Italy

2D Electronic Spectroscopy of artificial light harvesting systems

Supervisor: Prof. Giulio Cerullo

MUSIQ Research

Martin will study during his research charge transfer processes in artificial light-harvesting systems. These systems mimic natural systems, in which the energy of sun light is transferred fast and efficiently to the reaction centre of a photosyntethic complex. The aim of this research area is to find a possibility to transfer efficiently the energy of sun light into a chemical fuel as plants do – and that completely free of emissions.

Further Martin will be involved in microscopy using ultrafast light pulses. This is on one hand a setup allowing pump-probe spectroscopy on every pixel of the microscope, on the other hand a microscope exploiting the benefits of holography. Building and using these setups allows the study of diverse samples, from pure physics to biological applications.

Scientific Background

Martin did his Bachelor and Master studies at the University of Constance in the subject of Physics. For his Bachelor Thesis he went to Delft (Netherlands) to the Group of Gary Steel and worked on High-Q Microwave Cavity Filters. In his Master Thesis he concluded among others quantum-mechanical simulations of electron-light interaction as well as sample manufacturing using Electron Beam Lithography in the group of Peter Baum.

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