ESR6: Eleanor Beatrice Munger

Host: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Institute Fresnel, France

Imaging molecular organisation in myelin sheaths through high speed polarisation controlled nonlinear microscopy

Supervisor: Dr. Sophie Brasselet

MUSIQ Researcher

For her PhD research, Eleanor will construct a fast polarisation switching nonlinear microscope to provide ensemble molecular orientation information at each pixel of an image, under the supervision of Sophie Brasselet at Institute Fresnel in Marseille, France.  This information can investigate the structural deformities of lipids within myelin sheaths present in neurodegenerative diseases.  She will then further develop the polarization control to include 3D polarization control to better characterize 3D molecular orientation effectively in biological tissues.

Scientific Background

Eleanor received her Bachelor’s in both Chemistry and Art History from Carleton College in 2015. During her university years, she conducted research in molecular biophysics of protein structure using NMR spectroscopy, molecular dynamics simulation, and ion-mobility coupled Mass Spectrometry at Princeton University, University of South Bohemia, and University of Washington. She then conducted her Masters research at the University of Washington in the Department of Chemistry with hyperspectral stimulated Raman scattering (SRS) microscopy. Using inherent label-free technique of SRS, she worked on live cell metabolic imaging of intrinsic molecules such as lipids and proteins, and exogenous drug molecules.

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