ESR8: Ediz Herkert

Host: Institute for Single Molecule Biophotonics, Spain

Plasmonic antenna platforms for monitoring membrane receptor interactions in living cells at the nanoscale

Supervisor: Prof. María García-Parajo

MUSIQ Research

In his project he will design and fabricate biocompatible plasmonic antenna platforms and implement them in a tailored fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS) setup. The combination of plasmonic platforms with FCS enables wide-field, sub-diffraction and multicolor imaging of living cells and promises to provide new insights on the effects of specific molecules interfering with cell membrane receptors.

Scientific Background

He has studied Physics B.Sc. and Photonic Engineering M.Sc. at the University of Stuttgart and thus have a strong background in photonics. His previous work was mainly about applied plasmonics (plasmonic gas sensors) but also the theoretical modelling of the scattering properties of plasmonic surfaces.

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