ESR12: Frank Quintela

Host: Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Instituto Nanoscienze, Italy

Simulating ultrafast coherent phenomena in model light-harvesting complexes

Supervisor: Prof. Elisa Molinari

MUSIQ Research

The main goal of the research project is the simulation and microscopic understanding of ultrafast charge separation processes in model light-harvesting systems. The project includes the use of model Hamiltonians, within the framework of open quantum system (master equation) approach, for the simulation of ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopies. In particular, the nonlinear contributions in such spectra will be computed by means of a perturbative approach. The simulation of the system dynamics will be focused on the quantum features, and specifically on the role played by the different kinds of coherences (electronic, vibrational, vibronic, etc.) in the charge separation processes.

Scientific Background

Graduated in Physics on July 2018 in Havana University, with Thesis work:  “Quantifying the anti inflammatory effect of IR LED  therapy”

Working experience:

Graduate works:

  • Estimating the Entropy of gene expression in normal and tumor tissues
  • RAF phase in chemical graphs


  • Simulation of 2DES maps, Open quantum systems.
  • Statistical Mechanics, Nonlinear dynamics, Monte Carlo methods, Data analysis.
  • Fortran, Python, Latex, Vim.

Main Interests:

  • Open quantum systems, Ultrafast spectroscopy, quantum computing & quantum information.

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