MUSIQ Roadmap on bio-nano-photonics published

From June to September 2020 the ESRs organised a virtual Journal Club as part of the continuous training. Part of the regular Journal Club was to discuss relevant papers that they thought may potentially be used as references to develope and write a MUSIQ Roadmap. This is one of our dissemination activities, to produce a technology Roadmap about the challenges and future directions of optical microscopy exploiting quantum coherent nonlinear phenomena. Groups of ESRs presented papers during the Journal Club which were then discussed. The MUSIQ Roadmap has been published in the Journal of Optics which is openly accessible to all.

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In the quest to decipher the chain of life from molecules to cells, the biological and biophysical questions being asked increasingly demand techniques that are capable of identifying specific biomolecules in their native environment, and can measure biomolecular interactions quantitatively, at the smallest possible scale in space and time, without perturbing the system under observation. The interaction of light with biomolecules offers a wealth of phenomena and tools that can be exploited to drive this progress. This Roadmap is written collectively by prominent researchers and encompasses selected aspects of bio-nano-photonics, spanning from the development of optical micro/nano-spectroscopy technologies for quantitative bioimaging and biosensing to the fundamental understanding of light–matter interaction phenomena with biomolecules at the nanoscale. It will be of interest to a wide cross-disciplinary audience in the physical sciences and life sciences.

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MUSIQ E-Schools on Nano-Plasmonics and applications

The 2nd MUSIQ week was originally planned to be a face-to-face event in June 2020.  Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the school was organised online and held earlier to keep the ESRs engaged during the period where access to the various research labs was restricted. The 2nd School “Nano-Plasmonics and applications”  organised by our MUSIQ partner, ICFO, from 28th April – 7th May 2020 in six half day sessions and lecture topics related to the subject. 

  • Diffraction limited fluorescence microscopy and super-resolution approaches – Maria Garcia-Parajo (ICFO)
  • Introduction to nanoplasmonics – Niek van Hulst (ICFO)
  • Nanofabrication and integration approaches towards Neuroplasmonics – Francesco de Angelis (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia)
  • Nanoplasmonics & single molecules using DNA origamis – Guillermo Acuña (Université de Fribourg)
  • Plasmonic based fluorescence enhancement & FRET manipulation – Jerome Wenger (Fresnel Institute)
  • Nanoplasmonics for ultra-sensitive detection & living cell applications – Maria Garcia-Parajo (ICFO)

The virtual training session was open to externals and attracted 50-60 additional participants from outside of the MUSIQ Network. We would like to thank Prof. Maria Garcia-Parajo  from ICFO for organising this event and for the active participation from everyone who joined.

MUSIQ E-Schools on Ultrafast optics and spectroscopy

The COVID-19 has restricted the movement of people which has affected many including our Early Stage Researchers who would be required to travel for their research and training, a key aspect in European Training Networks (ETNs).

To find a way for the the MUSIQ ESRs to work together in these difficult times and to manage their “mobility” The MUSIQ network is organising online e-school training modules to offer the MUSIQ Early Stage Researchers and other students from our partner organisations the opportunity to receive virtual training on ultrafast optics and spectroscopy related topics from our experts within our network.

From the 16.- 23. April 2020 ​the MUSIQ PIs set up 6 virtual training sessions on topics related to Ultrafast optics and spectroscopy​. The presenters consisted of experts in the field within and outside of the MUSIQ network. Details on the sessions can be found below:

  • 16. April – Introduction to Ultrafast Optics and Spectroscopy
    Giulio Cerullo
  • 17. April – Second- and Third-order Non-Linear Optics
    Cristian Manzoni
  • 20. April – Multi-dimensional Spectroscopy
    Margherita Maiuri
  • 21. April – Exercises of Non-linear Optics and Ultrafast Spectroscopy
    Rocio Borrego-Varillas
  • 22. April – Coherent Optical Spectroscopy of Nanostructures
    Wolfgang Langbein
  • 23. April – Ultrafast Plasmonics
    Daniele Brida

We would like to thank the MUSIQ network for their quick thinking and adaption to the current situtation and for bringing together such a interesting E-School and the ESRs for their active contributions.