ESR13: Jan Majer

Host: GlaxoSmithKline Research and Development LTD.,  GSK Medicines Research Centre, United Kingdom

Exploring the potential combination of Optical and Mass Spectrometry Imaging techniques to characterise endogenous and xenobiotic components at sub-cellular resolution

Supervisor: Dr. Steve Hood

MUSIQ Research

His role in this project is to work towards possible combination of CARS/SRS, both of which exploit the intrinsic molecular vibrational phenomena of molecular bonds, with Mass Spectrometry Imaging in order to observe molecules of interest on a high-resolution subcellular level. He will establish protocols on cell and tissue sample preparation which can be then cross-examined on both CARS/SRS and MSI systems. He will cross-examine many small drug molecules with 2H modification with diverse physicochemical properties in order to determine chemical accuracy of CARS/SRS. He will also create a data processing script bringing data from both platforms together

Scientific Background

He got both his Bachelor’s in Molecular Biology and Master’s in Cell Physiology at Charles University in Prague. In Bachelor’s study programme, he worked towards understanding of physiological effects of polymer-coating on nanodiamonds in physiological-like artificial systems. He worked at a renowned Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry at Czech Academy of Sciences.
During his Master’s, he aimed to observe nanodiamonds with cationic polymer coatings in living cells through confocal microscopy. He managed to detect which endocytosis pathways were responsible for nanodiamond uptake, their intracellular localisation in time, proved their non-cytotoxic effects and measured their significant therapeutic potential by co-delivering siRNA through polymer-coating binding.

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