Prof. Paola Borri

B1: Cardiff University, School of Biosciences, United Kingdom

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MUSIQ Project Coordinator

Host ESR 1


Prof. Paola Borri is a physicist with >20 years experience in the development of advanced nonlinear laser micro-spectroscopy techniques. Since 2004 she is a permanent academic at Cardiff School of Biosciences, to promote cross-disciplinary research at the physics life-science interface. She has published >130 papers (>15 with >100 citations, >7000 total citations, h-index 44) and presented >50 invited talks at International conferences. She received the Marie Curie Excellence Award in 2006, has been EPSRC Leadership Fellow (2010-2015), and since 2015 is a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder and Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales.


Paola Borri is the coordinator of the MUSIQ project. She leads the Work Packages WP6 Coordination and Management and the WP7 Ethics requirements. Paola is the main supervisor of ESR 1 and will host ESRs 4, 5, 6, 10,  13 and 15 during their secondments at CU.

Prof Borri was beneficiary of the just-ended Marie Curie FP7 ITN-FINON (2013-2017). Ongoing Marie Curie ITNs in the School of Biosciences include the Horizon 2020 ITN PolarNet (2015-2019) and CaSR Biomedicine (2016-2020).

Key Publications

  • L. M. Payne, W. Albrecht, W. Langbein, and  P. Borri. The optical nanosizer – quantitative size and shape analysis of individual nanoparticles by high-throughput widefield extinction microscopy. Nanoscale 12, pp. 16215-16228 (2020). (10.1039/D0NR03504A)
  • N. Giannakopoulou, J. B. Williams, P. R. Moody, E. J. Sayers, J. P. Magnusson, I. Pope, L. Payne, C. Alexander,  A. T. Jones, W. Langbein, P. Watson and P. Borri.  Four-wave-mixing microscopy reveals non-colocalisation between gold nanoparticles and fluorophore conjugates inside cells. Nanoscale 12, pp. 4622-4635 (2020). (10.1039/C9NR08512B)
  • F. Masia, I. Pope, P. Watson. W. Langbein, and P. Borri, Bessel-beam hyperspectral CARS microscopy with sparse sampling: Enabling high-content high-throughput label-free quantitative chemical imaging, Analytical Chemistry 90, 3775-3785 (2018)
  • G. Zoriniants, F. Masia, N. Giannakopoulou, W. Langbein, and P. Borri Background-Free 3D Nanometric Localization and Sub-nm Asymmetry Detection of Single Plasmonic Nanoparticles by Four-Wave Mixing Interferometry with Optical Vortices, Phys. Rev. X 7, 041022 (2017)
  • J. Bradley, I. Pope, F. Masia, R. Sanusi, W. Langbein, K. Swann, and P. Borri Quantitative imaging of lipids in live mouse oocytes and early embryos using CARS microscopy, Development 143 , 2238-2247 (2016)
  • Pope, L. Payne, G. Zoriniants, E. Thomas, O. Williams, P. Watson, W. Langbein, P. Borri Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy of single nanodiamonds, Nature Nanotechnology 9, 940 (2014)

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