Dissemination and publications

Scientific Publications

Below is a list of all MUSIQ publications to date. Futher scientific publications as well as conference posters, proceedings and presentations will be added when available.

  • Deckert, T., Allerbeck, J., Kurihara, T., & Brida, D. (2022). Ultrafast Multidimensional Spectroscopy with Field Resolution and Noncollinear Geometry at Mid-Infrared Frequencies. New Journal of Physics. https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1367-2630/ac4a16/meta#njpac4a16s4

  • Herkert, E., Slesiona, N., Recchia, M.E., Deckert, T., Garcia-Parajo, M.F., Fantuzzi, E.M., Pruccoli, A., Ragupathy, I.C., Gudavičius, D., Rigneault, H., Majer, J., Zumbusch, A., Munger, E., Brasselet, S., Jones, A.T., Watson, P., Boppart, S.A., Singh, V., Borkar, S., Quintela Rodriguez, F.E., Langbein, W., Petropoulos, V., van Hulst, N.F., Maiuri, M., Cerullo, G., Brida, D., Troiani, F., Rozzi, C.A., Molinari, E., Vengris, M., Borri, P.(2021) Roadmap on bio-nano-photonics. Journal of Optics, 23(7) 073001. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1088/2040-8986/abff94

  • Fimpel, P., Choorakuttil, A. J., Pruccoli, A., Ebner, L., Tanaka, S., Ozeki, Y., … & Zumbusch, A. (2020). Double modulation SRS and SREF microscopy: signal contributions under pre-resonance conditions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 22(37), 21421-21427. DOI: 10.1039/d0cp03221b

  • Russo, M., Petropoulos, V., Molotokaite, E., Cerullo, G., Casazza, A. P., Maiuri, M., & Santabarbara, S. (2020). Ultrafast excited-state dynamics in land plants Photosystem I core and whole supercomplex under oxidised electron donor conditions. Photosynthesis research, 1-13. DOI: 10.1007/s11120-020-00717-y

  • Slesiona, N., Payne, L., Pope, I., Borri, P., Langbein, W., & Watson, P. (2022). Correlative extinction and single fluorophore bleaching microscopy for ligand quantification on gold nanoparticles. arXiv preprint arXiv:2210.00942. https://doi.org/10.48550/arXiv.2210.00942

  • Quintela Rodriguez, F. E., & Troiani, F. (2022). Vibrational response functions for multidimensional electronic spectroscopy in the adiabatic regime: A coherent-state approach. The Journal of Chemical Physics157(3), 034107. https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0094512

Conference presentation

Below is a list of all MUSIQ conferences to date.

  • 8–13 of May 2022 | Onsite
    Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting 2022 in Honolulu, Hawaii
    Presentation on “Vibronic Coupling Within the Q-Bands in a Free-Base Porphyrin Unveiled via Multidimensional Spectroscopies” by Vasilis Petropoulos (ESR5)

  • 14 – 18 March 2022 | Online
    American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting 2022 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Presentation on “Perylene-based Self-Assembly of Chloroplast-like Lamellae for Artificial Photosynthesis.” by Vasilis Petropoulos (ESR5)

  • 6 – 12 March 2022 | Onsite
    Nanolight in Benasque, Spain
    Presentation on “Plasmonic antenna platforms for multicolor single-molecule studies with high-throughput.” by Ediz Herkert (ESR8)

  • 29 November – 2 December  2021 | Onsite
    Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting 2021 in Boston, MA, USA
    Presentation on “ PBI-Based Biomimetic Complex for Efficient Light-Conversion Unveiled via Ultrafast Spectroscopy.” by Vasilis Petropoulos (ESR5)

  • 21 – 25 June 2021 | Online
    Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Europe & European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe-EQEC)
    Presentation on “Ultrafast Coherent Spectroscopy with Field Resolution at Mid-Infrared and THz Frequencies.” by Thomas Deckert (ESR11)

Science Slams

As part of the MUSIQ outreach plan, our Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) have each developed and recorded a Science Slam, a 2-3 minute pitch video on their research topic as an educational and outreach resource for a variety of end-users.

Public Deliverables

MUSIQ continuously reports its results and progress to the European Commission. Some of these reports (called “Deliverables”) are public and once accepted will be made available for download here.

  • D5.1 MUSIQ website
  • D5.3 Innovation Newsletters/MUSIQ Symposia incl Cluster Day and Open Science debate 1
  • D5.4 Innovation Newsletters/MUSIQ Symposia incl Cluster Day and Open Science debate 2
  • D5.5 15 Science Slams online