MUSIQ Innovation Newsletter n. 2 | March 2021

Our second MUSIQ Innovation Newsletter on ULTRAFAST SPECTROSCOPY: RECENT PROGRESS AND CHALLENGES is available online as a PDF . We would like to thank Vasilis Petropoulos (ESR5), Vikramdeep Singh (ESR2) and Frank Quintela (ESR12) who delivered us this exciting read.

Section n. 1
Broadband laser sources for ultrafast spectroscopy

The continuous progress in laser technology along with technical advances and conceptual breakthroughs, expand the application potential of Ultrafast Spectroscopy. Read more

Section n. 2
Pulse shaping techniques for ultrafast spectroscopy

This section focuses on programmable femtosecond pulse-shaping techniques for multidimensional ultrafast spectroscopy. Read more

Section n. 3
Resources for improving data acquisit/newsletter/ion and coherence characterization in ultrafast spectroscopy

This section focuses on: 1. eliminating heat-induced signals by controlling pulse spectra through pulse shaping, 2. compressive sensing to shorten the data acquisition time, and 3. simultaneous frequency and time resolution using time-frequency transforms.  Read more