MUSIQ Innovation Newsletter n. 1 | October 2020<

We are happy to present to you our first MUSIQ Innovation Newsletter written by three of our Early Stage Researchers, Andrea Pruccoli (ESR10), Eric Michele Fantuzzi (ESR7) and Thomas Deckert (ESR11) on LASER SOURCES FOR MULTIPHOTON MICROSCOPY. The articles are also available for download as PDF.

Download as PDF

Section n. 1
Laser sources for Coherent Raman Scattering Microscopy

State of the art and new technologies – How to choose the best laser source for your SRS experiments

The laser source is arguably the core component in any CRS experiment. In this brief article we explain what the most common laser sources for CRS microscopy are and try to give guidelines for their selection. Read more

Section n. 2
Light sources for harmonic generation and multiphoton fluorescence microscopy

This section informs about the latest laser sources and their requirements for biophotonics applications. Specifically, the field of multiphoton microscopy (MPM) was subject to vast developments in recent years, pushed by the development of pulsed laser sources. This article will provide an overview of specific requirements of MPM experiments, and therein requirements for the laser sources themselves. Read more