The MUSIQ training programme is structured around network-side face-to-face events specific to MUSIQ that will equip the ESRs with the combination of research-related and transferable competences needed to succeed in the European science, technology and innovation sector.

Kick-off Meeting

2nd April 2019, Cardiff

1st MUSIQ Week

December 2019

  • 1st Network symposium (CNRS)
  • 1st School “Molecular nonlinear optics” (CNRS)
  • Time Project management for scientists (Hertz)
  • Gender equality (Hertz)

2nd MUSIQ Week

May 2020

  • 2nd School “Nano-Plasmonics and applications” (ICFO)
  • Effective research presentation incl. blogging skills for scientists (Hertz)

3rd MUSIQ Week

April 2020, January 2021, May 2021

  • 2nd Network symposium (GSK)
  • 3rd School “Ultrafast optical spectroscopy ” (POLIMI)
  • Innovation, IP and Entrepreneurship (GSK)

4th MUSIQ Week

August 2021

  • 4th School “Advanced optical microscopy in the life sciences” (Cardiff)
  • Career orientation and planning for scientists (Hertz)
  • Gender equality (Hertz)

5th MUSIQ Week

May 2022

  • 3rd Network symposium (UKON)
  • Imaging meets Quantum — Cluster day (UKON, accelCH)
  • Communicating science to the wider public (SMS)


March 2023

  • Management and task-coordination
  • Closing Network symposium
  • Open Science debate

Continuous Training Activities

  • MUSIQ Journal Club (Cardiff)
  • ESR Web forum (Cardiff)
  • Seminar Series (All Beneficiaries)
  • Secondments (All ESRs)